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Zellige Tiles : A New Trend is Inviting You !!

Industrial, Manufacturers or distributors in the coating or natural stone sector, ….

Quickly grab your opportunity at the Morocco Covering International Exhibition.

Of Moroccan origin, means “small polished stone” in Arabic language. Traditionally, zellige refers to a Maghreb ornamental technique that consists of assembling terracotta tiles, made from gray clay from Fez and enamelled in different colors to create mosaics with mathematical patterns. The decor with the Zellige is a trend now almost inevitable: timeless and authentic, a new-old bombshell coming from the Mediterranean. Nowadays, it has become a must have of the decor, and with its solid or colored colors, architects no longer hesitate to use them playing with contrasts of bright tiles and matt surfaces. Want to redo your interior ? To offer a youthful look and a small authentic and artisanal side to your bathroom or kitchen? Here is a little tour in the interiors, to let you seduce !!

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