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Communication & marketing strategy

The triumph of a company is especially subject to its ability to identify and estimate the needs of its customers. Global fairs & events advises in the cogitation of your communication strategy by proposing a complete service:

  • Determine your target and goals
  • Select the appropriate channels and communication tools
  • Develop a communication plan, marketing plan, business plan & budget estimate.

Street Marketing

Our added value by operating in street marketing remains particularly in the quality of non-verbal communication, indispensable to point the mind of the customer. We present you with new, tailor-made actions to promote the image. And we assure:

  • The distribution flyers: Hand to hand, by breeze
  • Ground Marking / Clean Tag
  • Wild Display
  • Rollercoasters / Walkers
  • Samplings
  • Wine tasting
  • Contest games
  • Street Entertainment
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Visual Identity

In order to forge its own image and incarnate in the mind of the consumer while differentiating itself from competitors, the company must create its visual identity. This is done through the elaboration of a graphic charter and a personalized logo that is available on all its communication media: flyers, website, brochures, visiting cards….
To do this, our Global Online Solutions team involves its customers during all the phases of the creation of their identities, in order to offer them a finalized product, meeting all their expectations:

  • Activity Studies : First step is a preliminary step which begins any creative process, it is essential first to gather the information on the activity of the client company, its target, and its projections, and then have an approximate and predictive idea of the desired outcome.
  • Research and reflection : This is the stage where the collaboration of the client is essential in order to communicate on the different ideas and proposals.
  • Creation : The exploitation of all the ideas and proposals gathered leading to an end result, real and satisfying the expectations of the customer

Communication’s Media


Global Fairs & Events takes care of the realization of all your media of communication, according to your budgets and your objectives, in order to give a new breath and more sense to your communication:

  • Flyres
  • Visit Card
  • Brochure & Invitations
  • The leaflet & Booklet
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Public Relations

Want to maintain or develop good relations with your audience, your customers or with the various media. Global fairs & events proposes a strategic approach for public relations in order to integrate it within the framework of your global communication strategy, helps you in selecting the most appropriate media for your event in order to respect your objectives :

  • Drafting of the press release
  • Benefit from a database of journalists
  • Preparation of customized press files
  • Provision of media partnerships
  • Optimize communication opportunities
  • Organization of press conferences
  • Insertion

Team Building


Refresh the spirit of your team; we offer you a wide range of programs to revitalize the coherence and motivation of your employees. Creative animations will be put in place to consolidate the spirit of your team

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