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Events Organization

Our organization skills is our Specialty that allows us to accompany you before and during your event to ensure its success. We used to combine our expertise in creativity with our management know-how to create structured event productions.

Global Fairs And Events

Corporate events:

Global fairs & events offers you a wide range of ideas to meet your needs. Select the date, the venue … Unveil your needs, and our team will be able to adapt and realize them:

  • Evening & Gala
  • Workshop
  • Parties & Buffets
  • Labor Day.

Seminar & conference:

Interested in booking a room as well as developing a program for your seminar, conference? Global fairs & events team will take charge of meeting your expectations in an efficient way.

  • Room Reservation
  • Catering Service
  • Room Fitting & Furnishing
Global Fairs And Events
Global Fairs And Events

Trade show:

Global fairs & events, the first UFI-certified agency in Morocco, has developed a strong experience in organizing fairs over the years. Inventive and planning of trade shows for the general public for its own account. Global has invested to create: The Plast expo & plast pack, and underway:

  • Morocco Lifestyle Expo
  • Morocco covering & Maroc Stone Expoo
  • Morocco automotive technologies
  • Morocco Hi-Tech Expo

Product Launch :

You are confident you have a great product that deserves a launch event. Your product is an investment. A big one. To realize a return on that investment, your job is not over when the product is ready to go to market. Give your product the debut it merits with a strategic launch that will make waves in a crowded market.

Global Fairs And Events