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E-badging solution Fluidity access control, manage collections, visitor IDs, produce and distribute press badges, exhibitors or VIPs.

Global Fairs And Events
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Networking B2B

We offer you an innovative service specialized in commercial prospecting, based on a global approach to the research of customers, suppliers or partners, mainly gathering the media: telephone, social networks, mailing. We designate prospecting tasks aimed specifically at :

  • Search for interests: Project, Animation, Promotion action
  • Invitations for an event, a lounge, conference, …


We carry out powerful SMS campaigns in just a few cliques, giving you the opportunity to launch: your promotions, flash sales, private sales, retain your customers and boost the traffic of your points of sale.

Platform: Global Fairs & Events offers a dedicated solution for evaluating and delivering your professional SMS in the fastest way around the world.

  • A direct marketing solution that allows you to reach the majority of your customer base while expanding your target.
  • Without conciseness, its clarity, its discretion and its durability make it an indisputable asset for an effective communication, lasting and marking the spirits
  • Easily send thousands of SMS campaigns.
  • Target the entire population or a category that interests you
  • Track live campaign statistics


  • Sent SMS messages are accessed instantly
  • A commercial and technical team at your disposal
  • Consulting and support services to help you succeed in your campaign

Competitive rates internationally

  • Accessibility to different targets
  • From 50000 Numbers in BDD
  • 95% of SMS received are read
Global Fairs And Events