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A newsletter or an e-mailing campaign is an indispensable tool in an efficient and well-targeted web marketing strategy, because it allows to address a well-defined target and to ensure a very interesting rate of return.
In order to achieve a better result, it is imperative to keep up-to-date your prospects database, and build your content in order to get the most out of your message and hang your desired target.
This procedure can only succeed with the expertise and expertise developed by our Global Fairs & Events agency through its well-trained and experienced team and its appropriate means.
With Global Fairs & events, your e-mailing procedure is inexpensive and very advantageous.
Our staff is committed to providing you with a tailored, personalized solution and help you to establish your successful e-mailing strategy.

  • Effective communication strategy.
  • Rich, relevant and personalized content.
  • A Captivating and catchy object
  • A successful methodology leading to a satisfactory result.
Global Fairs And Events
Global Fairs And Events


Having a website does not stop when it comes online only, but its operation and profitability are the result of the effort of its creation.
Take the first positions of appearance in the search engines, generate quality traffic, and decrease the rate of rebound while increasing conversion.
These and many other values are not the result of chance, but they guarantee themselves through a chain of work and attention provided by a dedicated and experienced team that our agency Global Fairs & Events puts at your disposal.SEO :

  • Competitive SEO benchmark
  • Optimization of content
  • Integration of keywords
  • Web page optimization
  • Indexing in search engines
  • Optimization of backlinks, links pointing to your site.
  • Internal management: Google analytics, Google webmaster tools, Paid tools.


  • Online Marketing: Creation of Google adword campaigns – Facebook ads
  • Email marketing.
  • Creating and optimizing banners, landing page …
  • Management and monitoring of companion performance
  • Optimization of your presence on social networks.
Global Fairs And Events
Global Fairs And Events

Community Management

To maintain your Professional relationships, create interaction or build loyalty and shape your brand. Our team develops, animates and moderates for you the social networks of your brand to increase your visibility and your notoriety.

  • Building a community
  • Engaging and attractive publications
  • Moderation of comments
  • Creating customized contests on your page
  • Increase the visibility of your page (Facebook, or other …)
  • Reporting of current actions
  • Strategic recommendations for future actions.


Our team of highly skilled developers and graphic designers who put all their know-how and expertise at the service of your web project to meet your expectations and all your specific needs.

  • Creation of professional and personalized websites
  • Ease of use and management by the customer
  • Hosting and Domain Name
  • Support and support
  • Maintenance
Global Fairs And Events